Modified Atmosphere Packaging Glossary

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Did you know?
That Modified Atmosphere Packaging has been used for centuries?

When the merchant ships stored their biscuits in barrels in the 18th century it was common to put a lit candle into the barrel just before closing it. This way the candle would use up the oxygen in the barrel and thus protect the biscuits.

Ar - Argon

CAS - Controlled Atmosphere Storage

CO2 - Carbon dioxide

CO - Carbon monoxide

EMAP - Equilibrium Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Gas Flushing - The process on exchanging the atmospheric air with a certain gas mix, especially on flowpackaging machines

Gas packaging - Commonly used term for MAP

HACCP - Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points

HFFS - Horizontal Form Fill & Seal - packaging machine

Headspace analyser - Quality control instrument for determining the gas composition in the headspace

Headspace - The area in the sealed package that contains gas

MA - Modified Atmosphere

MAP - Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Modified Atmospheric Packaging - same as Modified Atmosphere Packaging

N2 - Nitrogen

O2 - Oxygen

Protective Atmosphere - Same as MAP, frequently seen on consumer packages

QC - Quality Control

QA - Quality Assurance

Random testing - Also know as headspace testing, manual process for quality assurance of MAP products

ROP - Reduced Oxygen Packaging

VFFS - Vertical Form Fill & Seal - packaging machine