Quality Assurance on Flow Packaging Machines (VFFS/HFFS)

On-line gas analyser for quality assurance on MAP-enabled flow packaging machines
Gas Analyser for HFFS/VFFS

Typical gas analyser for flow packaging machines with built-in control of the gas flow

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On both horizontal and vertical modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) enabled flow packaging machines, measurement of the gas composition is essential for ensuring a long shelf life of the product. At the same time the nature of flow packaging machines is that the packages are flushed with a high gas volume to ensure the correct gas composition, typically the amount of gas is between 2-4 times the volume of the package.

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10 good reasons to install an on-line gas analyser:
  • Reason 1:
    • With an on-line analyser on your flow packaging machine you can typically reduce your gas consumption with 20-30%
  • Reason 2:
    • You can reduce labour costs, due to less manual quality checks of the residual oxygen
  • Reason 3:
    • You can reduce the amount of waste and labour time spent on repacking products destroyed by manual testing
  • Reason 4:
    • Your packaging machine will stop immediately if the gas content is incorrect - which means that you will avoid costly repacking and reduce your waste of packaging material
  • Reason 5:
    • The gas flow to the packaging machine is always adjusted according to the packaging speed - no need for manual flow adjustments
  • Reason 6:
    • Even if the operator forgets the manual QC check the machine will stop if the residual gas content is incorrect
  • Reasons 7:
    • Your residual oxygen level is monitored continuously - this leads to a uniform quality which again leads to fewer customer complaints
  • Reason 8:
    • Quality assurance helps protect your company brand and customers will return to the best and most reliable brands. Think how fast a bad product reputation can travel these days on twitter, facebook and other social media
  • Reason 9:
    • The demand for information is on the rise in the EU, the USA and elsewhere. And each new regulation, such as the traceability requirements, saddles your QC staff with more paperwork and increases the likelihood of errors
    • With an on-line gas analyser you can transfer quality data directly to a PC - which means reduced paperwork
  • Reason 10:
    • Excess gas on a flow packaging machine will be lead right into the work space atmosphere and reduce the air quality
    • A proper gas flow control will reduce the amount of excess gas in the production area
    • A high level of CO2 in the work space atmosphere will lead to headaches and a large number of days lost through sickness